About Elemental Africa

Elemental Africa is a nonprofit organisation (NPO) registered with the South African Government as a Public Benefit Organisation. We work as overall Project Facilitators, outsourcing to technical project partners.

Since 2006 we have been working to persuade all tiers of government to support the development of energy security, food and water security and job creation in the resource-scarce rural areas, through the anaerobic biodigestion of sewage and organic waste as the principal resource.

During the process it became apparent that it was imperative to create a central resource somewhere in South Africa as a capacity building and educational instrument; a demonstration centre to show how the technologies work in action, what can be achieved through them and how to roll them out throughout the country.

Our aim became to showcase this and other sustainable biomass/waste-to-energy green technologies, water purification and recycling and other innovative green technologies and their benefits through a Biodigestion Demonstration Centre.

In 2009, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, our proposal to create the Biodigestion Demonstration Centre was welcomed by a local municipality and incorporated into their IDP (Integrated Development Plan.) The Demonstration Centre will utilise both an existing disused anaerobic sewage biodigester and a recently de-commissioned landfill to demonstrate how polluting problems can contribute to the regeneration of rural towns.

A Feasibility Study and numerous stakeholder engagement workshops and meetings have been undertaken and a cross-sectoral workshop for key stakeholders was held in 2011 which included all tiers of government, local municipality and community representatives, civil society and knowledge and research institutions.

Biodigestion Feasibility Study

Elemental Africa, with its technical partners, carried out a Feasibility Study on the disused sewage biodigester originally installed in the 1960’s, funded by EEP S&EA and the Department of Rural Development TRD Unit.

This study indicates that the digester can be brought back into service relatively cheaply, together with the creation of secondary and tertiary (wetland) treatment facilities which will provide agricultural entrepreneurial opportunities for the local youth and financial and environmental benefits for the municipality.


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