Biodigestion Process

Biodigestion Process

The anaerobic biodigestion of human, animal and other organic waste forms biogas which can be ‘scrubbed’ and used for cooking, heating, lighting or converted into electricity, whilst purifying and recycling water.

How it works

This green energy mitigates climate change through reducing the need for fossil fuel generated electricity and, as part of a network of green energy suppliers, can make small yet significant inputs to the overall energy needs of the country, reducing global warming and climate change.

Treated effluent water from a sewage biodigester is further purified through post-digester processes and the nutrient enriched water can then be used for aquaculture and agricultural crops, avoiding the need for expensive artificial fertilisers and reducing riverine and groundwater pollution. After being cleaned and purified through passing through the secondary and tertiary treatment facilities there is a significant improvement over the quality of wastewater poured out into the environment through conventional sewage wastewater treatment.

Creating Jobs

Purified slurry creates a high-value natural fertiliser and soil improver, and together with the purified water can create resources for agriculture and livestock farming in the arid rural areas, contributing to food security.

During the sewage biodigestion process many green jobs and small business opportunities are created that can provide opportunities for people to improve their quality of life. Each of the by-products formed during the biodigestion process can form the basis of entrepreneurial and job creation activities. This can create sustainable livelihoods, broadening economic inclusion and contributing to the economic and social regeneration of small rural towns, improving the standard of living and uplifting the poor.

What is currently a highly polluting and expensive process of disposing of human waste becomes, through biodigestion, a resource for a number of green, non-polluting entrepreneurial businesses and jobs, power generation and the recycling of precious water.