Demonstration Centre

Biodigestion Demonstration Centre

This small-scale rural Biodigestion Demonstration Centre will showcase current and cutting-edge waste-to-energy options, water recycling and related job creation opportunities related to the bio-economy.

What it does

  • showcase how a municipality can improve its water quality, monitoring, purification and recycling and improve its Green Drop certification;
  • create awareness of the different waste-to-energy technologies available: methane to electricity; methane to biogas; bio-oils; biodiesel;
  • showcase different types and scales of biogas technologies available, from small-scale home use systems through to large-scale landfill waste-to-energy systems;
  • encourage government, research and knowledge institutions and the private sector to use the biodigester, co- and post-digestion opportunities, water purification and recycling and other alternative technologies for the development of related research projects and products;
  • serve as a focal point, thus eliminating replication of research and development efforts;
  • provide a toolkit for scalable replication of biodigestion and co- and post-digestion opportunities for rollout nationally including: a Biodigestion Business Plan and cost/benefit analysis that will compare the cost of continuing with ‘business-as-normal’ conventional waste management and treatment compared to adopting biodigestion, using Natural Resource Economics;
  • use the demonstration technologies as a training resource for technology transfer and the enhancement of skilled personnel countrywide;
  • create and showcase jobs, skills training and entrepreneurial opportunities related to the bio-economy and how municipalities can contribute to climate change mitigation measures;
  • train, educate, inform and
  • improve the quality of life for the rural poor, particularly unemployed matriculants and women.

Municipal WWTW (Wastewater Treatment Works) Biodigester

Small scale Digester