Linked Projects

Linked Projects

100 house low cost housing Sustainable Demonstration Village

An example of showcase R&D projects that can organically grow from the Demonstration Centre is the proposed German – South African initiative, ‘Ecosun Village as Power Station.’

The South African Government is struggling to meet its targets for supplying low cost houses to the needy, especially in the rural areas. There are essentially three reasons for this:

  • the provision of potable water cannot be guaranteed;
  • there is a lack of sewage treatment capacity and
  • the current electricity constraints.

This innovative low/medium cost 100 house sustainable demonstration village aims to develop an infrastructure package suitable for rural arid areas, by further developing and adapting existing and new technology components in the fields of energy, water, sanitation and housing.

It is intended that the village be linked to the recommissioned biodigester at the WWTW. This package can demonstrate a way to overcome energy and water problems and constraints and show how the South African Government can achieve its housing quota in a sustainable manner.